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Enabling Structured Object Management (SOM) 600 305 ADYC

Enabling Structured Object Management (SOM)

Webinar: Enabling Structured Object Management (SOM) through enhanced Geospatial eXploitation Products™ (GXP®) workflows.

Through an engaging scenario involving the collection of maritime data over time in the Suez Canal, attendees will learn how:

  • Effective SOM is enabled by Object Based Production (OBP) workflows
  • SOCET GXP’s Activity Reporting Tool (ART) can be used to discover data in the Feature Object Database (FODB)
  • The FODB can be visualized through GXP WebView and shared across the GXP product suite
  • SOCET GXP ART and GXP WebView SOM tools enable the sharing of intelligence throughout the enterprise as attributed features collected over time
  • The FODB is designed to support analytics that can answer complex intelligence questions and identify relationships between objects
SOCET GXP®(v4.3.0.3) 600 440 ADYC

SOCET GXP®(v4.3.0.3)

BAE Systems is pleased to announce the latest patch release for SOCET GXP®(v4.3.0.3)

SOCET GXP is an advanced geospatial intelligence software solution that utilizes imagery from satellite and aerial sources to identify, analyze, and extract ground features, allowing for rapid product creation. Image analysis, advanced photogrammetric techniques, remote sensing, and feature collection workflows are seamlessly combined into one comprehensive package.

Supporting multiple projects and missions, SOCET GXP workflows are designed to reduce production cycle times, eliminate the redundancy of multiple software packages, and maximize interoperability with other geospatial technologies including SketchUp, KML / KMZ, GeoPDF®, ArcGIS®, COLLADATM, and OpenFlight.

Brochure here: Socet GXP

GXP Xplorer® Disconnected 600 440 ADYC

GXP Xplorer® Disconnected

BAE Systems is pleased to announce the initial release of GXP Xplorer® Disconnected!

GXP Xplorer Disconnected represents the most advanced solution for the management and utilization of intelligence data on deployable systems.

Ideal for remote workgroups, GXP Xplorer Disconnected generates a catalog of discoverable geospatial and non-geospatial data generated both prior to deployment as well as in the field, allowing users to determine exactly what imagery and information is available to them when operating in a compromised environment.

Upon return to a connected environment, any data and products generated in the field can be uploaded back into the complete GXP Xplorer catalog for discovery by the entire federated system.


GXP360° 600 600 ADYC


Featuring the next generation of geospatial exploitation and analysis, GXP360° delivers a variety of in-depth training and exchange while providing a unique opportunity to learn about the latest capabilities within the GXP product suite.

SOCET GXP® • GXP Xplorer® • GXP WebView® • GXP InMotion™ • GXP OpsView®

Attendees will discover how GXP solutions provide:

  • Direct access and visualization of geospatial data from multiple sources
  • Unification of geospatial exploitation capabilities into a common user interface
  • Integration of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics into geospatial solutions
  • Rapid delivery of geospatial intelligence and enhanced situational awareness into the field

GXP360° provides users with a unique opportunity to preview upcoming technologies and product enhancements while influencing the development of GXP solutions moving forward. Workstations will be available throughout the week to provide valuable one-on-one time with GXP product specialists.

Our agency-specific professional exchanges, signature evening events, and annual Torrey Pines golf outing, provide the perfect opportunity for networking and conversation!