SOCET GXP®(v4.3.0.3)

SOCET GXP®(v4.3.0.3) 600 440 ADYC

BAE Systems is pleased to announce the latest patch release for SOCET GXP®(v4.3.0.3)

SOCET GXP is an advanced geospatial intelligence software solution that utilizes imagery from satellite and aerial sources to identify, analyze, and extract ground features, allowing for rapid product creation. Image analysis, advanced photogrammetric techniques, remote sensing, and feature collection workflows are seamlessly combined into one comprehensive package.

Supporting multiple projects and missions, SOCET GXP workflows are designed to reduce production cycle times, eliminate the redundancy of multiple software packages, and maximize interoperability with other geospatial technologies including SketchUp, KML / KMZ, GeoPDF®, ArcGIS®, COLLADATM, and OpenFlight.

Brochure here: Socet GXP

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